December Prayer List

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Guiding Scriptures:
John 14:12 Matthew 7:7 Phi 4: 4-13 *********
Thanks for joining us in waiting on our Lord every Wednesday as led by the Holy Spirit with Praise and Thanksgiving, Prayer and Fasting.

Personal Prayer Points;
– Pray for God to bless all and strengthen doers of His WORD.
– Pray for God to increase our faith to believe in His plans for Africa.MIDA AIDB Plan…HBBK 2:2-3, Ps 145:9 IJMN!
– Pray for God to give us His love and compassion for those for whom we intercede.
– Pray for God to release children to those waiting for baby blessings. IJMN ***8
– Pray for God to send partners to all our young adults waiting for friendly Godly loving kind life partners IJMN..TUG!
– Pray for God to protect our families throughout this Year IJMN! Amen.

Corporate Prayer Points:
– Abundance grace n Comfort to people in Goma region in DRC Congo around the volcanic eruptions IJMN!…TUG!
– Pray for focus on massive rural infrastructural development across African country states IJMN!
– Pray for Godly revelation and wisdom to develop Off Grid Portable Solar Energy unit for Africa n mankind IJMN!
-Thank God for AfCFTA Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement, begins…TUG!
– for peace n unity in Ethiopia, Mozambique, Cameroon and GuineaI..JMN!
– For Brotherly love, unity, rekindled and renewed between Uganda and Rwanda; Congo DRC and Congo IJMN!
– for peaceful and amicable resolution of the Nile river dam built by Ethiopia and btw Egypt and Sudan IJMN!
– Pray for complete release of African colony’s from colonial appendages IJN
– TUG for the African Diaspora to be more productive positive agent of change across Africa, IJMN!
– Abundant grace wisdom US Special Envoy appointed for the W.Africa Sahel Region…TUG!
– Pray for stemming Islamic disturbances in Somalia, *Mozambique NE Cabo regionNigeria NE Niger n Lake Chad region n across the W-African Sahel, Egypt Sinia…IJMN!
– Pray for peace unity and restoration for Ethiopia, Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, Libya Guinea Sudan and Mozambique TUG!
– Zambia welcomes new President Hakainde Hichilema much abundant grace upon his administration IJMN!
– Pray for African leaders to honor constitutional term limits and Democratic principles. IJMN!
– We pray for wisdom and discernment for African leaders in Governments to be diligent in using their countries resources to effectively help their citizens during this time of global COVID19 pandemic.
– We pray that African leaders to be compassionate and considerate to wise counsel to make good decisions concerning all their citizens IJMN!
– Africa is Polio free. TUG hallelujah!
-Hope pray for Malaria vaccine IJN
– Pray for wisdom n revelation for a simple cure and or vaccine to be found for Malaria-Cancer-Crohn-Sickle Cell-Coronavirus-HIV-Lassa fever across Africa n Globally IJMN!
– US President Joe Biden/VP Kamala Harris, PUSH, pray for open heavens for ANU-MIDA Plan IJMN!
– for a way forward in rebuilding trust between US Law Enforcement and Race Relations esp with African American Minorities in America IJMN!
– Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

Praise Points:
– Wonderful 14th Anniversary Africa Prays Thanksgiving Praise Celebration at HCC on Zoom last Sat Oct 2nd, 2021.
– Awesome Sept Africa Prays at HCC on Zoom last Sat!
– August Africa Prays at HCC Sat Aug 7th, 2021 on Z-TUG!
– Awesome July Africa Prays at HCC Sat July 3rd, 2021 on Z-TUG!
– Amazingly successful Africa Prays in Africa, Sat May 1st, 2021 Kampala, Uganda n Kigali, Rwanda on Zoom TUG!
-Thank God for changes in- Malawi-Rwanda Kenya, Gambia, DRC Congo, Ethiopia and Mali.
-Thank God for new Presidents in Zambia-Tanzania-Malawi-Burundi-Democratic Republic of Congo-Botswana-Ethiopia-S/Leone-Liberia-Zimbabwe-Angola- Somalia-Gambia-Nigeria-South Africa!
-Let us thank God for forgiveness, healing and restoring love and unity in people of African decent.
-Thank God for the girls and boys held by Boko Haram esp Leah Sharibu and believe for all to be released now IJMN!
-Thanksgiving and praise to our God always for HIS mercy n blessings.
Thanks for praying. TUG-BIG!