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A Missions Tool – Veritas ~ the Truth!

A paradigm shift in ways to spur and reinvigorate the global community to new developmental initiatives especially focusing on Rural Africa…

The africa ask databank is designed to encourage and attract attention to provision of basic infastructures across rural Africa and within urban health and educational institutions :


To raise the awareness of the people in more developed countries to the specific needs of  Africa and  less developed countries.



To actively seek funding and encourage others to sow or partner with us in meeting the developmental needs in rural areas primarily focusing for now on provision:

  • Education – A single block of six rooms
  • Healthcare & Medical Services – A single block
  • Water Resource Development – borehole or well
  • Agricultural Development & Food Supply – small scale family owned micro-finance farm
  • Youth Development & Empowerment



To provide a database of established on-site  organizations or  groups that can be partners in fulfilling the areas of need and making a difference in the lives of others.

Project details