OTA Youth Empowerment 2022

November 29, 2022February 7, 2023
OTA Youth Empowerment 2022

$ 25000

Campaign Target


14% $ 21400 to go

Every year, thousands of youth graduate from colleges in Nigeria with no prospect of gainful employment. Frequent strikes in the universities leaves college age students out of school and compounds the problem of youth idleness. This hopelessness and idleness have led to increase in crime and unrest. To combat this problem in the rural community of OTA, Ogun state, RCCG Dominion Sanctuary Parish has begun a program for training and equipping unemployed graduates and youth in the community. The youth are trained in entrepreneurial skills in Computers, IT, vocational, musical equipment, and other industries. This training has allowed many to start their own business and make a living. We also support youths and young adults already doing business with interest free loans. To serve more youth through this program and meet growing need, our goal is to raise $50,000. This will allow us to expand the training center at Iyana Ilogbo Road, Ogun State, Nigeria. This facility will serve as a Christian development center, a youth empowerment training facility, and a Zonal center for youth Christian activities.